Halloween Marketing

The holiday season is approaching fast. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, New Years, and more are all just months away. As a result, it’s time to start thinking about what your business can do during the pre-holiday craze to bring in new potential customers and continue to engage your current base.

Halloween & Fall Marketing

In this post, we’ll be talking about Halloween and Fall and all the fun things you can do to interest customers during this time of year.

Physical Store Marketing

For businesses with physical stores, decorating is a must. Fall and Halloween decorations are great for drawing in customers, especially for coffee shops and other local businesses. Plus, if your business sells food or beverage products, changing up the menu and offering a few limited-time holiday items is a great way to keep customers coming back. Think of all those crazy holiday themed drinks at Starbucks.

Does your town offer trick-or-treating? If so, be sure to take part. This is another way to build-up some good credit with potential customers.

Online Marketing

Of course, many small businesses only have an online presence. Don’t let that stop you from capitalizing on the marketing opportunities that come with the holidays though. Halloween is one of the biggest holidays when it comes to spending, and it is during a time of year where people are spending more in general as the year winds to a close with the sequence of holidays. As always, but during this time especially, customers love deals, and there’s no better time to offer bundles and other saving than during the holidays. While Christmas is the usual go-to holiday as people are shopping for gifts, Halloween still represents a good time to offer holiday themed deals. Many of your customers will be going to Halloween parties that they’ll need a gift for. Limited-time fall savings are guaranteed to get customers anxious to buy. Quality offers combined with good timing give customers a great reason to choose to shop at your store. Plus, many people start shopping for Christmas and Hanukah gifts early. This is especially true if your demographics trend toward an older age. Some ideas for special deals and offers include offering a free item with a purchase of a set amount of dollars, or offering a fall discount of a small percentage, such as five or ten percent.

Content Marketing

Content is king and any holiday themed content you can create is great for your website’s SEO and for bringing in customers. Why do you think we made this post? :)

This content can be elaborate and highly-themed, or it can be as little as a blog post with your products in a fall setting. As always, any content that is unique goes a long way in helping your business in numerous ways.

Fall Festivities Marketing

Finally, take advantage of all the festivities going on. Encourage people to post images that are in the holiday spirit with your items. You can do this through having different contests on social media, offering some sort of prize to the winner. Contests should involve your product in some way, such as a contest for the photo of the best gift basket or the photo that best shows why your product is a great Halloween gift. Each business will have a slightly different route when it comes to this based on their product but encouraging customers to become actively engaged and involved in your brand is crucial for customer retention and future growth.

Halloween: An Underutilized Marketing Opportunity

These are just a few ways your company can use Halloween as a time for growth. Even though it isn’t the biggest holiday, it is still a very significant one with increased customer spending. So, don’t let this time go by without getting involved and making efforts to engage with your customer base and reach out to new ones.

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out and don’t forget to check back for more information on how you can improve your businesses marketing and, more importantly, grow your business!

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