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2020 has brought many things to complain about, but ReCharge’s new Quick Actions feature is not one of them. While it is still in beta production, it is currently available to all merchants and is quick & easy to set up.* 

Quick Actions are standard URLs that, when clicked, perform an action within a customer account. While it’s easy to implement, there are many actions to choose from, such as reactivating a subscription, that will need to be incorporated seamlessly into your current customer email journey. These quick actions have the potential to not only make the customer journey so much more straightforward but also to increase customer retention and lifetime value. Nothing better than that!

All of the following actions are currently available:

  • Reactivate a canceled subscription
  • Skip next order
  • Swap current subscription
  • Add a one-time product to the next order
  • Ship now next order
  • Apply discount to next order
  • View portal page
  • Reactivate subscription and apply discount code
  • Reactivate subscription and add one-time product

The Best Part?  These Quick Actions are standard URLs, so that means no coding is required! All you have to do is specify an action and a few required properties in the URL. You can even apply the advantages of Quick Actions via Klaviyo to send targeted emails or SMS texts that include Quick Action URLs. 

And now that it's easy to bring these actions into email marketing via the Klaviyo Integration, the email space is about to get a whole lot better. Sending these emails in automated flows or one-off sends to customers reminds them of your brand in a HIGHLY RELEVANT way, making them feel cared for.  Nurturing the customer’s lifecycle helps reduce the churn rate. It makes it so much easier for customers to restart old subscriptions or add on products and heavily increase the overall Average Order Value (AOV).

Available metrics in Klaviyo and for use with ReCharge Quick Actions:

  • Subscription started on ReCharge
  • Subscription canceled on ReCharge
  • Order upcoming on ReCharge
  • Order (prepaid) upcoming on ReCharge
  • Started checkout

You can learn more about Klaviyo here and more about ReCharge here.

*If you are interested in joining the Quick Actions beta and/or applying it to your Klaivyo ESP, please reach out to our Email Marketing Manager, . Thanks!

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