The experience has been nothing but awesome. My reason why? Simply said: 1) they are goal getters on behalf of their clients, 2) they have a CAN-DO attitude and get things done that at times might even fall a little out of scope and 3) they are knowledgeable and reliable. If you pair those three elements you found an amazing partner to work with. And that has been our experience. Highly recommended!



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CPG Sports Nutrition


Inbound Marketing


The Scoop

Eating healthy is simple; eating healthy for sports performance is not. The latter requires an understanding of physiology, biochemical processes, and how to leverage nutrition to target performance goals. ATAQ is a plant-based sports nutrition company focused on using clean, functional ingredients to boost performance and recovery.


Marketing Goals

ATAQ Fuel wanted to grow in retail and online. Our original SOW focused on advertising, SEO and social, but after our initial results our relationship expanded into email marketing, marketing automation, and website design and maintenance. We are now ATAQ's complete inbound market solution, leveraging marketing automation and advanced segmentation to drive revenue growth.


electrIQ Approach

Our inbound marketing strategy deliverables consisted of: » Social media account growth & community engagement » SEO content to establish the brand as an authority in the space and drive organic traffic » Development of e-commerce marketing automation workflows » Development of new website to match brand aesthetic and increase conversion rates » Advertising campaigns to drive GNC and Amazon sales » Targeted PR outreach for backlinks and press recognition




Increase in Revenue


Increase in Returning Customer Rate


Increase in Social Media Website Traffic
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