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The Company

ECG Academy was created by Dr. Nicholas Tullo, a cardiac electrophysiologist with a passion for teaching. Dr. Tullo has been reading ECGs since he was a medical student on a cardiology elective in 1979. With the aid of digital recording and editing, he is now able to take his relaxed style of teaching complex ECG concepts simply and capture it in a series of video tutorials.

The Challenges

ECG Academy previously worked with an agency on their pay-perclick (PPC) advertising but felt less than satisfied with the results. Specifically, they weren't able to bring cost per customer acquisition (CPA) to a sustainable level and also weren't able to track conversions from Bing. ECG Academy hired us to increase conversion rates and decrease CPA.

What our Partner Thinks
"My ads were previously being run and managed by a large firm on the west coast, but I wasn't seeing the attention to detail or desire to grow the account that I would like. The electrIQ team has far surpassed my expectations both in performance and in their responsiveness."

Added Homepage Video to Increase Time Spent on Site & Increase Conversion Rate

Ad Account Overhaul (Bing + Google Ads)

We conducted a deep dive audit on ECG's Google and Bing ad accounts, and we realized there was a lot of missed opportunity. For one, Bing conversion tracking was not set up, so there was no way to assess which ads were performing the best.

Beyond implementing proper tracking, we conducted extensive keyword research to identify new PPC targets and replace the non-performers in the accounts.

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