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The Company

Florence by Mills approached Electriq marketing looking for new ways to connect with their Gen-Z consumers, while solving for the fact that the actual person transacting on their website more often that not is not the end user of the product - it's a parent or family member buying for a younger child.

Aggressive Growth Goals

We began with an audit of their Google and Facebook Ads accounts, specifically honing in on low-hanging fruit optimizations. After implementing, we focused on new platforms we could diversify our audience and spend with, launching campaigns across TikTok and Snapchat to reach our younger demographic.

Landing Page Development & Funnel Optimization

Florence's most popular product to date was the skincare besties set. Until we took over the account, all paid traffic had been sent to the website homepage or a product page, with no testing of alternative funnels or landing pages. We doubled down on the popularity of the skincare besties set and built a landing page on Webflow, creating an interactive experience optimized for page load time and conversion.

Post-Purchase Survey Insights with Enquire Labs

With iOS 14 updates making on-platform attribution and reporting inaccurate, we implemented a post-purchase survey with Enquire Labs that allowed us to hone in on where our customers were finding us, and ultimately led to us doubling down on TikTok ads despite subpar on-platform ROAS and conversion metrics. We also discovered that over half of purchases on the site were older adults buying for kids without credit cards, prompting us to develop and implement "Share a Cart" functionality. This allowed shoppers to create their shopping cart, then send the purchaser (usually the parent) a link to their full cart via email or text.


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