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Revitalizing Lower Park's paid social advertising and new customer acquisition funnels.


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The Company

Lower Park was created while traveling & living abroad. Originally from the Bay Area, owner Andre Wiken moved to Guadalajara to learn Spanish and ended up staying 4 years. While living in Guadalajara he started a hostel and a few years later had the idea to start making hats with textiles he sourced abroad. In 2014 they made their first batch of 300 hats.

The Challenges

Lower Park had previously worked with an agency on their social media advertising but felt less than satisfied with the results. Specifically, they weren't able to bring cost per customer acquisition (CPA) to a sustainable level. Lower Park hired us to do some SEO cleanup and to create ad campaigns to hit their desired conversion rates and CPA.

Paid Social Advertising

Our social media strategy was four-fold:

  1. Facebook and Instagram placement
  2. Development of custom and lookalike audiences using value-based pixel data
  3. Utilization of carousel ads to focus attention on the hats
  4. Design and implementation of Facebook instant experiences to improve the mobile shopping experience, decrease friction to checkout, and to increase conversion rates on mobile

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