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At ElectrIQ Marketing, we have developed a targeted and innovative approach to marketing that is simple in design, but comprehensive in execution. Our process is built around the belief that there will never be a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, and that, instead, each business is unique, with it's own problems and challenges that must be addressed. With this in mind, we developed a process that allows us to tailor to the needs of all businesses, no matter their size and product. Below, we have detailed out our process and how it enables us to mold our services and strategies to all businesses through innovative and collaborative solutions. 

Built to serve e-commerce & B2B companies

Our roots are in small businesses, so we are all about maximizing return on as little investment as possible. Seems obvious right? That's what we though too. But, today's agencies are more about maximizing their own profit even if at the expensive of the client.

electrIQ isn't just an agency.
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Marketing Goals

Our process begins the very first moment we come in contact with a company. Whether a company simply e-mails us with questions, or schedules one of our free consultations, the first thing we do is research their business, look at their website, view their social profiles, gather SEO data and assess their strengths, weaknesses, and how our services can help them. Innovative, outside-the-box thinking is what we pride ourselves on, and our assessments are thorough and detailed. With this initial step, the road to a customized and business specific approach to marketing has begun.


Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a step that all marketing groups should have. However, ElectrIQ Marketing enters this stage one step ahead. Unlike many marketing groups, whose first time assessing a company will be during the consultation, we'll have already researched and analyzed our prospective client as part of our first step. This makes it so that we're already familiar with the clients products, website, and more, enabling us to get right down to the details, addressing goals and discussing plans of action. Not only does this save time, but it ensures that our initial consultation does more than just scratch the surface of developing a potential strategy. Furthermore, it ensures that our ideas are not the cookie cutter plans and strategies that many consultants offer, but rather innovative and unique strategies that are customized and molded for your business.


Adaptive Plan

This step varies form client-to-client as some clients like to move ahead at the conclusion of the initial consultation, while some like to have time to think about and consider our ideas and suggested strategies. We completely understand this. We know how important these decisions are and we want our clients to be comfortable when we move to the next step in our process. When our clients do decide to move forward, whether it's part of the initial consultation or at a later date, setting a plan in stone allows us to have a clear guide and strategy to follow. Whether it's SEO, an ad campaign, or one of are many other offerings, a detailed plan makes sure that everyone, the client and the staff ElectrIQ Marketing, is on the same page and ready to do their part.



With our plan set and our approach tailored to our client, the real work begins. Nobody knows your business better than you, and in accordance with this belief we highly value your feedback. As a result, while we work through the methodical process of turning our strategies into realities, we schedule calls with our clients so that they can provide input and we can answer any questions they may have. Keeping our clients involved and knowledgable of the process is crucial to our collaboration and, ultimately, the success of our marketing strategies.


Analyze Results & Reassess

One of the key aspects of ensuring the success of a marketing program is the ability to analyze and reassess the results at every turn. Through data on ads, Google Analytics, and other sources, we are able to complete a thorough and detailed analysis of the strong points and weak points of our implemented strategy. This allows us to see what changes can be made to continually improve the results. At ElectrIQ Marketing, we refer to this step as the infinite step, because it is one that continues on forever. In marketing, the landscape is continually growing and changing. What works today might not work tomorrow, and may need to be tweaked or changed altogether. So it is through this step that ElectrIQ Marketing is able to continually refine our clients approach to marketing so that they are successful today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

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