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Through the development of branded storefronts and targeted ad campaigns, we are an end-to-end Amazon growth solution.

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Amazon Web Store

We see Amazon web stores as a great opportunity for any sized business. Starting an Amazon store provides our clients with another outlet for customer acquisition and raising product and brand awareness. It provides small businesses a platform to build sustainable and meaningful growth and broadens reach of larger businesses while helping with their online reputation management.

By having an Amazon store set up, you have access to what essentially is an unprecedented volume of e-commerce-oriented traffic.

At electrIQ Marketing, we help clients set-up and design their stores and pages with three core traits in mind: branding, design, and functionality. This means focusing on what the brand means to the consumer, how the store allows them to interact with the brand, and how we can optimize the pages to make as many lead to client conversions as possible.

Amazon Ads

We formulate ads driven by data analysis so that we can guarantee you’ll be achieving the product visibility you desire. This means studying your preferred customer base, assigning particular keywords that line-up with your target audience, and continually refining based on views and conversions to create the optimal ad.

We place an emphasis on our custom-tailored approach which keys in on the foundational goals of your business and the unique attributes of your products.

We mention this because our process allows us to move beyond the typical cookie-cutter advertisement approach that comes with most marketing consultants and instead allows us to formulate a campaign that is tailored to your business specifically.

"electrIQ plays a valuable role for us in supporting our digital marketing channels, including giving fresh perspective to existing internal teams and pioneering new strategies."

Zac Brandenberg




We monitor your Amazon product listings to ensure you are strategically positioned to generate the best ROI for your business.


Omnichannel Integration

We can help you determine which omnichannel fulfillment services represent the best opportunity for your business, including click-and-collect, ship-to-store, and ship-from-store.


Amazon Marketing & Ads

We develop Amazon marketing strategies built around data analysis that drive sales through AI-driven advertising, professional content development, analytics, and review management.


New Product Launch Programs

Plan and execute your new product launch with our fully-integrated digital marketing approach.


New Storefront Setup

New to selling on Amazon? We'll dive into your product category to understand what will work best to drive profitable growth.


Ongoing Optimization

We keep what works and improve what doesn’t. We never stop split testing and refining your storefront or campaigns .

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Marketing Goal

ECG Academy previously worked with an agency on their pay-perclick (PPC) advertising but felt less than satisfied with the results. Specifically, they weren't able to bring cost per customer acquisition (CPA) to a sustainable level and also weren't able to track conversions from Bing. ECG Academy hired us to increase conversion rates and decrease CPA.

Services Provided

PPC Advertising


Decrease in Customer Acquisition Cost


Increase in PPC Customers


Increase in PPC Revenue

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