Why SMS Marketing?

Day in and day out your leads and customers are being bombarded with marketing emails, all with the same goal of capturing their attention. Ultimately, most of these emails go to the trash. SMS marketing has open and read rates of ~98%. That's right, 98%! An exceptional email open rate is around 35%, that makes SMS over 3x more effective than email marketing in getting your database's attention. With increased visibility and open rates comes great responsibility, and it's even more important to make sure your SMS sends are relevant and high-value to not annoy your contacts.

Partnering with Electriq for your SMS Marketing will:

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    Convert Your Leads

    We'll take your leads from warm to hot to customers.
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    Build Trust & Credibility

    By segmenting your database and collecting key contact attributes we'll be able to hyper-personalize your SMS offers so that they provide real value to the recipient.
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    Increase Revenue & Sales

    Our SMS marketing services will supercharge your sales, we guarantee it.

Our SMS Marketing Process

Segmentation drives our hyper-personalized SMS marketing efforts

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Brand Discovery
Your Electriq team members will sit down with your team to dive into your brand.
Step 1
Step 2
30-60-90 Plan
We'll collaborate on a 30-60-90 day plan that will encompass ad-hoc SMS campaigns as well as automated workflow setups to guide your customer journey.
Template Set-up + More
We'll segment your CRM database, set-up branded MMS templates, and build out workflows.
Step 3
Step 4
Performance Analysis
We'll establish a dashboard of KPIs that assess your email marketing performance as a whole while also diving into campaign and workflow specific metrics.
Optimize, Refine, Iterate
We'll take our Performance Analysis and extract actionable insights to inform our SMS marketing going forward.
Step 5

Want the first two steps for free with zero commitment?

Get a Proposal

You'll receive an in-depth audit of your:

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    Marketing Automation Recommendations

    So you're working with the best SMS tool tailed for your brand's unique needs.
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    Workflow Analysis

    How are you incorporating SMS into your customer lifecycle journey? We'll provide insights into where we see areas for improvement, bringing fresh ideas to the table.
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    Strategy Analysis

    Is there a gap in your strategy? We've got you covered. Let's see how your strategy could be performing better.
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    Deliverability and Database Health Analysis

    We'll dive into your key SMS analytics to asses the health of your SMS marketing efforts and database.