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Electriq's CMO service will provide your brand with:

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    Complete Marketing Plan

    You'll receive an in-depth marketing plan that will help your business achieve it's main KPIs and goals.
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    Competitive Analysis

    We'll breakdown your industry competitors and extract best practices, marketing opportunities, and mistakes from other brands we can learn from.
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    Target Audience Development

    Identification of your target audience, complete with persona development.
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    Funnel Build Out

    We'll analyze your current top, mid, and bottom of funnel offers, including our recommended channels and materials.
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    Team Responsibilities & Budget Allocation

    We'll layout what sort of internal team structure you'll need and month-over-month budget to execute against.
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    Reporting & Analytics

    We'll help you define your brand's most important KPIs, setting up reporting dashboards you'll have real-time access to.

Our CMO Consultancy Process

You do what you do best and we'll handle the marketing growth

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Brand Discovery & Analysis
We'll complete a complete industry competitor analysis as well as audit your existing tech, platforms, and revenue channels.
Step 1
Step 2
Road Map
We'll outline your brand's most important objectives and KPIs and combine it with our research from step 1 to craft a comprehensive marketing plan to drive your brand's growth.
We'll help you execute the marketing plan we've laid out, identifying both internal and external stakeholders.
Step 3
Step 4
Performance Analysis
We'll review how you're tracking against the marketing plan on a weekly basis, tracking KPIs and high-level business objectives to make sure we're on track. On a monthly basis, we'll determine whether or not changes need to be made to strategy or tactics based on the data we see.