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Google might change and update their algorithm once a week, but the tried and true methods of producing high-quality content and ensuring your site's backend is compliant with best practices remains the surefire way to increase your organic traffic and start receiving leads and revenue for free!

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Electriq's SEO Audit & Analysis will provide your brand with:

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    Historical Look at your Site's Organic Traffic

    We'll analyze your site's historical organic search traffic, separating out non-branded and branded search traffic, so we can see which areas of your SEO and content strategy have worked versus which have not.
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    Competitive Analysis

    We'll breakdown your industry competitors and extract best practices and SEO opportunities.
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    Metadata Audit

    We'll compile title tag, meta descriptions, headers, and other metadata with errors or room for improvement.
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    Reporting & Analytics

    We'll help you define your brand's most important SEO KPIs, setting up reporting dashboards you'll have real-time access to.
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    Technical SEO

    We'll asses your robots.txt file, XML sitemap, and schema markup to ensure we put all best practices in place.
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    Current Keyword Standings

    We'll review what keywords your website currently shows up for on the 1st 10 pages of Google's search results.
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    30-60-90-365 SEO Plan

    We take all the above to create an in-depth SEO plan that will help your business achieve it's main KPIs and goals over the course of 30, 60, 90 days, and the entire year.