We are Electriq

We partner with businesses looking for marketing growth, integrate into their team, and develop and execute customized strategies that increase revenue and market share. You get to see your ROI increase week after week, as the KPIs you care about continue to climb, all with a speed of execution that would give other agencies whiplash. Communication, visibility, and results that back out to revenue are the driving tenets behind Electriq. If you're going to invest in marketing, you deserve bottom-line results. Let's grow together.
Meet Electriq

Built to serve you, not ourselves.

Our ability to take a lean approach to marketing has translated well to both small and large-scale businesses that are looking to maximize their marketing dollars and ROI.

We setup KPI dashboards at the beginning of any relationship that act as our source of truth for our results reporting on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. This transparency has allowed us to have long-term relationships with our partners while giving us the ability to critique and refine our approach.


Built to serve DTC.

We focus on developing DTC brands on platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Wordpress, leveraging our preferred marketing tech stacks that are proven to scale in the process. We tailor our work and pricing to each individual brand and their goals.


Now a DRINKS Company

We are now a part of the new operating system for e-commerce alcohol. As an extension of the DRINKS brand, Electriq will provide an unparalleled competitive advantage for producers and brands that want to grow their business online in the $250 billion alcohol category.

Electriq difference

Dedicated Slack Channels
We create a shared Slack channel to allow for instantaneous feedback and collaborative efforts between our team and yours. Working with growing businesses means there are sometimes things that require immediate attention, and our flexibility and responsiveness is bolstered through your direct access to us via Slack.
Project Management
Long email chains where everything gets lost is a thing of the past. We utilize Monday.com's project management system to assign tasks, brainstorm new ideas, and roadmap long-term marketing strategy and plans.
Custom Reporting
We craft our monthly reports by pulling in data via API calls from all of your marketing services. We create a baseline report during the onboarding period for us to review together so we can tailor it to showcase the KPIs and metric improvements that are actually important for you and your business. This is what we will measure our success against.
Entrepreneurially Driven
We want success via any means necessary. Your success means our success and vice versa! We are strategic, nimble, and dedicated to ensuring your business succeeds. Work doesn't fall into the 9-5 for us, and we love it.

The Digital Natives Behind Your Brand Story