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Built to serve you, not ourselves.

At electrIQ marketing, we understand the difficulties of marketing for any sized business, especially small businesses. We were built upon a mission to help small businesses accomplish their marketing goals at affordable rates. Our ability to take a lean approach to marketing has translated well to large-scale businesses that are used to getting ripped off just because they can afford it.

Today’s typical marketing agencies charge as much as $10,000 or more a month, and the results just don’t add up!

Built to serve DTC.

We focus on developing DTC brands on platforms like Shopify and Wordpress, leveraging multiple marketing platforms in the process. We tailor our work and pricing to each individual business.

After all, each business is unique, with different goals, needs, and challenges. Why should you have to settle with the typical cut-and-dry cookie cutter marketing approach? You don’t anymore.

Built to serve B2B

Whether it's purchasing a product or a service, we're specialists in all things inbound marketing. We define your business objectives and key KPI's, then develop a marketing strategy that accomplishes them.

Built to serve Local Business.

Whether you're a 40+ location franchise across the US or a local mom and pop shop, our marketing strategies focus on generating leads that matter to you in your area. We help you hyper-target potential customers based on their geo-location. If you're a bakery in Barrington, Illinois why would you care about leads coming from Canada?

electrIQ is here for you.

Gen-Z Marketing Gurus

Brandon Amoroso
Amy Hernandez
Marketing And Public Relations Manager
Carson Ward
Content/SEO Manager
Nathen Johnson
Growth Manager
Taylor Ward
Director of Software Development // Web Developer
Justin Bishop
Creative Content Manager
Emily Her
Creative Director
Kalley Kenny
Social Media Manager & Content Specialist
Natalie Borton
Marketing And Public Relations Coordinator

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