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The Company

Oneskin approached Electriq marketing with a major request, their site needed to work on mobile and their launch was coming up. Inless than a week, we worked to make their site mobile responsive, cleaning up code in the process. In conjunction, we launched OneSkin's email and SMS programs

Aggressive Growth Goals

Given the limited time before launch, we prioritized mobile functionality on the website and absolutely must-have email/SMS flows (welcome, abandoned cart, post-purchase) for an optimal customer experience. Since, we've added on a referral program and continued to build out their Klaviyo and Attentive account, focusing on key customer touchpoints that increase retention and CLTV. We also manage the email/SMS campaign calendar.


Web Development - Mobile

OneSkin had very specific design requirements that needed to translate to the mobile customer experience. In less than a week, we were able to translate their desktop designs into a functioning mobile website for launch.

Email & SMS Marketing

We were able to successfully launch OneSkin's email & SMS marketing program in February, and have seen month-over-month increases in performance and revenue since.
We utilized Shopify deep links to send one-time campaigns to non-purchasers offering a special sample size product not available on the website. With Shopify deep links, we were able to take visitors directly to checkout with their email and the product pre-populated. We also included this email as a 3rd touchpoint in our non-purchaser abandoned cart flow.

List Growth

We implemented a two-step Attentive pop-up on desktop and mobile (utilizing tap to subscribe on the mobile pop-up).


Referral Program

After launching OneSkin's referral program, we included referral program callouts in multiple post-purchase customer touchpoints across both email & SMS to encourage adoption.


Subscription Management Via SMS

OneSkin's business model is focused on recurring subscriptions to their flagship product, OS-01. We implemented ReChargeSMS to allow subscription customers to manage all aspects of their subscription via text.


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