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The Company

Jinx approached Electriq marketing looking to double down on their initial traction with email and SMS with an emphasis on driving new subscription customers.

Aggressive Growth Goals

We began with an audit of their Klaviyo and Attentive accounts, specifically honing in on other various apps on their Shopify Plus store that were potentially providing overlapping messaging. We wanted to streamline and consolidate these communication channels, while focusing on setting up high ROI flows that would improve customer acquisition rates and increase CLTV/retention. We also set Jinx up with ReChargeSMS, allowing subscription customers to fully manage their subscriptions via text.


List Growth

  1. We teased new product launches and sales via email to drive SMS subscriber sign-up. Why? Simple. SMS is a much higher converting channel than email.
  2. We implemented a two-step Attentive pop-up on desktop and mobile (utilizing tap to subscribe on the mobile pop-up)

Email Marketing

Despite the decrease in ecommerce activity as a whole due to COVID restrictions lifting, we were able to generate significant month-over-month results by honing in on segmentation strategy, revamping underperforming flows, and creating net new customer touchpoints that focused on education as opposed to sales only.

  • 120% Increase in Subscriptions from Email Flows
  • 188% Increase in Orders from Email Flows
  • 88% Increase in Revenue from Email Campaigns
  • 129% Increase in Subscriptions from Email Flows

SMS Marketing

We oversaw a transition from Attentive to SMSBump then back to Attentive as platform functionality changed over time, specifically related to the ReCharge integration. 

  • 132% Increase in SMS Revenue
  • 56.5% Increase in SMS Subscribers


Jinx's business model is primarily focused on recurring subscriptions. We implemented ReChargeSMS, a text-based customer experience tool, to allow Jinx's subscription customers to manage all aspects of their subscription via text. 

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