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Storefront Setup and Advertising

We help clients set-up and design their stores and pages with three core traits in mind: branding, design, and functionality. This means focusing on what the brand means to the consumer, how the store allows them to interact with the brand, and how we can optimize the pages to make as many lead to customer conversions as possible. We also craft Amazon advertising campaigns to drive increased brand awareness and conversions at below average CPA's.

Brand Identity

Creative Design for your Business

Whether it's developing a brand or creating assets around an existing one, at electrIQ we help design related content to engage the customer and garner interest in your business. We design around the personality of the brand, creating consistent designs and messaging to build recognition.

Email Marketing

Level up your Email Marketing with Automation

Email marketing isn't dead. Rather, it's still the most effective way to communicate with your customers. We take care of the email process from ideation to execution, utilizing workflows and sequences to create automated campaigns that take your customers on highly personalized journeys with your brand.

“Nobody loves a hard conversation, but Brandon handles them with grace. And since you kind of never know what you're going to get in a work relationship until it's faced with a challenge, the fact that he's so levelheaded and solution-oriented really went a long way. He recently delivered some of his best work (probably some of my company's best work, as well), and I look forward to more!”

Chaia Milstein


Social Media Marketing

Let Us Manage Your Social Presence

In today's day and age, social media is a must for companies. We specialize in content creation and social media growth by developing strong creative messaging that connects with social users. Ultimately, across whichever social channels we focus on, we put all of our efforts into developing a real brand personality across social and creating an entire community of interaction.


Social Media and Pay Per Click Advertising.

Where buyer tastes and trends meet creative branding and design to drive an engaging online experience. We create conversion funnels for new customer acquisition, leveraging our in-house expertise and extreme attention to detail to ensure you start acquiring customers at or below your required cost-per-acquisition (CPA).


Search Engine Optimization

Rank for keywords that convert and start driving qualified traffic to your site for free. Your potential customers deserve to know you're out there.

Website Design and UI

Mobile-Optimized Sites Designed for Users

From how the site will look to your required backend functionality, we're with you every step of the way from wire-framing to development to final launch. We focus our website design efforts and mobile optimization and utilize best practices for user experience.

Video, Photos, Editing

Meaningful Content That Drives Conversions

We optimize platform-specific content to produce visual dialogue that curates your customer journey. Visual content is king. It builds brand awareness, captures mindshare, and elevates your brand messaging and your competitive advantage within your industry.

Local SEO

Hyper-targeted Search Engine Optimization

If you're a brick-and-mortar store, especially a restaurant or any business that doesn't sell online, your #1 priority is attracting potential customers within a 10 mile radius of your business. If you're located in Illinois, what impact would a site visitor from California have!


Platinum Solutions Partner

As a HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner, we're well equipped to help you with any aspect of the HubSpot Ecosystem. From Marketing to Sales to Service to CRM to CMS, we have you covered.

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Increase followers, engagement and drive website traffic while building a community on social.


Social Media Content Creation & Management

  • Develop strong creative that aligns well with Vertagear brand
  • Daily posting across all social channels
  • Weekly recurring themes like #caturday and #setupsundays
  • Daily engagement with social media community







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