Klaviyo - New Benchmark Feature

Recently, the ESP Klaviyo released their new benchmarks feature allowing businesses to see how they stack up against the rest! Klaviyo benchmarks allow you to analyze your account data in relation to industry trends and companies that are similar to your own. By seeing how different aspects of your account perform, you can prioritize and optimize your efforts that need improvement. 

By using the information on your industry and vertical, Klaviyo is able to formulate peer-group benchmarks. You can find your industry and vertical information on the organization contact information page. Make sure that that information is up-to-date for optimal comparisons and benchmark analysis. 

Within the benchmarks tab, there are four different views that allow you to analyze your data in relation to other similar companies.


flow perf 1

These pages include:

  • Overview
  • Business Performance
  • Campaign Performance
  • Flow Performance


The business, campaign, and flow performance pages allow you to dig deeper into more specific data for a focused analysis. And to keep benchmarks current, they are updated with new data every month. In doing so, you can count on your benchmarks to be current within the ever-changing email space.

For more information on how to use Benchmarks within your Klaviyo account, please reach out to our Marketing Manager, Tennessee at Tennessee@electriqmarketing.com. Or you can head on over to this article for more insight. 

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