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Recovering Airplantman's Failed Website Redesign


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The Company

As a landscape architect, artist, and horticulturalist, Airplantman was up to the challenge to create the best way to showcase his airplants. Built with an eye for fine design, craftsmanship, sustainability, and a genuine obsession for all things airplant, the Airplantman Designs product line was developed by Josh Rosen.

The Challenge

Airplantman needed to recover from a botched website redesign that completely tanked their organic search traffic. They went from thousands of organic visitors a month to almost none. Our goal was to increase organic search traffic and ultimately drive sales back to their original levels (if not higher). We focused on content creation, technical SEO, and backlink building (PR outreach). This was all done organically, without paid advertising.

What our Partner Thinks
"Brandon is dedicated, smart, and a pleasure to work with. Excited to be collaborating with him and grow my small business!"

Conducted SEO Audit & Resolved Technical Issues

Crawl errors, site speed, broken internal and outbound links, HTTP link fixes, structured data, redirect loops, and more were fixed on the Airplantman site to ensure easy search engine indexing and compliance with Google webmaster guidelines.

Identify & Acquire Valuable Media Backlinks

We were able to secure placement of Airplantman on high-domain authority websites like Sunset. 

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Develop Informative Cornerstone Content

By the time ATAQ began working with us, they had already built solid traction within retail, but we’re struggling to maintain consistent revenue on their Shopify site.

Selling a bicycle with a $2,500 average value is a daunting process, but the paid social team analyzed customer consideration analytics, deployed 3rd party demographics measurement tools, and built a campaign structure that took into account not only how the Diamondback user shopped, but what that path looked like, and what information they needed - and when they needed it - to convert.


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