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Executing on Biz2Credit's SEO Strategy


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The Company

Biz2Credit was founded in 2007 with one goal: make business finance work better. Backed by Nexus Venture Partners and their 225,000 small business customers, Biz2Credit has been the best place for small businesses to get funding online. They've already arranged more than $2 billion in small business funding for thousands of companies across the U.S.

The Challenge

Biz2Credit came to us already having a deep understanding of SEO and how important it was to their business to capture leads through organic search. But, they needed someone to actually execute on their content strategy. We utilized tools like SEMrush and in combination with our firsthand knowledge of small business to write content tailored to the average word length, reading level, and other attributes found in high ranking content for their target keywords

What our Partner Thinks
I know SEO so I was wondering if this was something I should just do myself. The work they've done has far surpassed my expectations.

Content Marketing

Our focus with Biz2Credit is on 10x pillar page content. We ideated and executed in-depth guides (2400+ words) around highly specialized financial topics that were backed by keyword and competitor research.


How could we write about something we have no experience at all in? Our dedication to research.


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