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Music Festival


Blog & Social Media Content Creation, Community Management


The Scoop

Lightning in a Bottle is an annual music festival in the Central Valley region of California first held in 2006. It is presented by The Do LaB, which seeks to promote sustainability, social cohesion, and creative expression.


Marketing Goals

Lightning in a Bottle wanted to rediscover their brand voice on social media, focusing more on the community engagement of Lightning in a Bottle and less on pushing ticket sales non-stop. They also needed a team to match their brand voice and deliver blog and newsletter content to their fans.


electrIQ Approach

Our organic social growth strategy encompassed 4 areas: 1) Development of weekly and monthly content themes to build rapport with fans and foster community engagement 2) Strategic tagging of social media photos and videos to track what type of content posts worked best 3) Creation and editing of social snack videos from 10 seconds to 60 seconds to highlight the interactivity and uniqueness of LIB 4) Addition of personality and humor to social media responses Our newsletter and blog strategy focused on developing content that engaged their current email list and website traffic while matching brand voice.




Increase in Twitter Engagments


Increase in Twitter Website Visits


Increase in Instagram Website Visits
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