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Who is VJ Shoes?

VJ Shoes was born in the dense forests of central Finland almost 40 years ago from a need for a better shoe for the rough and slippery terrain. Designed, engineered, and proven to be the best in the world. VJ shoes have helped athletes in various all-terrain sports including trail running, Obstacle Course Racing, and skyrunning achieve their dreams and win world championships.

The Challenge

VJ Shoes wanted to increase its online sales, plain and simple. Our original SOW focused on marketing automation, social media, and Google Ads, but after our initial results, our relationship expanded into social media ads as well as a homepage redesign. We are now VJ's ecomm marketing solution, leveraging marketing automation, and advanced segmentation to drive revenue growth.

What our Partner Thinks
"I highly recommend Brandon and the team at Electriq Marketing for depth and breath of services. I've been impressed with their ability to get things done on time and on budget. When I've dreamed up some new curveball, Brandon and team have always handled it with ease."
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VJ Shoes Mobile Instagram

Organic Social

VJ's slogan #thebestgripontheplanet is something that resonates with their community. We architected our social content & engagement strategy entirely around the lifestyle of VJ Shoes and what you can do with #thebestgripontheplanet


Paid Social

VJ wanted to expand its advertising beyond just retargeting. We pushed custom audiences from HubSpot (i.e. LTV $500 or more) into Facebook to create lookalike audiences that we targeted with highly engaging content in the form of GIFs and short-form videos.

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VJ Shoes Mobile Email

Email Marketing

Using HubSpot, we implemented numerous lead capture and data-mining initiatives on the site, and used automated workflows to send targeted communication based on a visitor or contact's behavior on the site. Here are a few:

Lead Capture

  • Live Chat
  • Left-Slide in Pop-up on Desktop
  • Top Nav Slide-down Pop-up on Mobile
  • Exit Pop-up offering 15% off to visitors who try to exit with completing a purchase
  • Shoe quiz to extract 3 crucial data points for segmentation from visitors and provide a product recommendation at the end of the quiz

Marketing Automation Examples

  • Welcome Series
  • 90-day lapsed
  • Did not use coupon
  • Browse abandonment
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Shoe quiz completion series

Web Design + Development

We completed a full home page redesign for VJ Shoes. We wanted to emphasize the history of VJ Shoes, provide education and insight into the differentiating features of the brand as a whole versus its competitors, hone in on product line specific features, and provide multiple paths for visitors to shop.

We created a special module that allows for animated buttons to be moved on a 4-axis chart to correspond to specific shoe feature callouts on hover. In addition, we created the "Choose your Grip" module below.

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VJ Shoes Homepage

Web Design + Development (cont.)

We built an interactive shoe quiz that extracts 3 main data points from each visitor:

  1. Amount of Cushion they like their shoes to have
  2. The terrain they'll be running on
  3. The distance they'll be running

Visitors are then prompted to enter their email to get their personalized shoe recommendations.

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vj shoes quiz step 1
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vj shoes quiz step 4 email capture
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vj shoes quiz 5 recommendation

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