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We've been lucky enough to build out a team of Shopify e-commerce experts, allowing us to work with businesses from early-stage venture-backed startups to $100M+ e-commerce operations. With our hands-on approach and 360 integration into our client's businesses, we've been able to produce significant results. We want to share our knowledge and expertise with you, for FREE, with our e-commerce audit. 

We'll take you through the exact same audit and strategic recommendations process we conduct with all of our partners, taking a look at your Shopify store and tech stack, lifecycle marketing strategy, customer journey, your website flow and performance, email/SMS, and how you drive traffic to the website through SEO, content, and ads. 

The Process:

  1. Schedule a Discovery Call.
  2. We’ll sign an NDA before you give your electrIQ team members access to your Shopify store, CRM, SMS platform, paid ad accounts, and any other relevant 3rd party apps or analytics tools.
  3. We’ll conduct a complete e-commerce audit and provide recommendations encompassing lifecycle and customer journey strategy, email/SMS, SEO, content, paid ads, UI/UX, and your tech stack.
  4. Using the information that we uncovered in the audit, we’ll put together a proposal focusing on how we can implement these recommendations. 
  5. We’ll schedule a call to review the audit & proposal with you and our team of specialists.

Our discovery call allows us to learn more about your brand, your goals, and to talk through our auditing process. From there, we'll build out a deck with our findings and recommendations, as well as schedule a call to review.

This process is completely free of cost and is meant to show you our value as a potential partner.

What you'll get:

- A clear understanding of your performance versus industry standards.
- Review of your E-commerce Audit & Recommendations Deck with our team of specialists covering: 
          - Customer Journey/Lifecycle
          - Email/SMS
          - Ads/Acquisition Channels
          - SEO/Content
          - Web
          - Tech Stack
- Actionable takeaways to improve your business.
- Tailored proposal focusing on implementing these recommendations and insights that were uncovered during this process. 

Simply fill out the form to get your free e-commerce audit & strategy deck!

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I highly recommend Brandon and the team at electrIQ Marketing for depth and breadth of services. I've been impressed with their ability to get things done on time and on budget. When I've dreamed up some new curveball, Brandon and the team have always handled it with ease.

- Matt Gorski, Owner, VJ Shoes
Brandon Amoroso and his team at electrIQ are highly service oriented to its clients and have a deep understanding of content, customer engagement, communication and SEO. As experts in ecommerce, electrIQ has increased overall customer contact, satisfaction and reviews which has materially increased Amora Coffee new member acquisition and lifetime value over the past 18 months.

- Jim Fosina, CEO, Amora Coffee

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