Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Experience the power of pay-per-purchase acquisition and start developing a new revenue stream for your business with affiliate marketing.
Technical Setup & Integration
We'll get your business setup on one of our preferred affiliate platforms, automating conversion tracking, payouts, and reporting so we can focus on growth.
Affiliate Acquisition
We leverage affiliate networks to drive considerable applications to your affiliate program, ensuring that the only affiliates we work with align with your brand.
Relationship Management
Satisfied partners work harder to promote your products and services. Affiliate management tools can help track the management process, but to distribute content, generate leads or drive traffic, a human touch is also required.
Reporting Analysis + Optimization
Analysis and reporting, covering milestones, recruiting, sales, and profitability achievements. We'll also take these insights to improve your program, testing new ways to promote your brand over and over again.
Hear what our clients have to say
Real people. Real companies. Real results.

"We have been working with electrIQ marketing now for a few months and the experience has been nothing but awesome. My reason why? Simply said: 1) they are goal getters on behalf of their clients, 2) they have a CAN-DO attitude and get things done that at times might even fall a little out of scope and 3) they are knowledgeable and reliable. If you pair those three elements you found an amazing partner to work with. And that has been our experience. Highly recommended!"

Tammo Walter

Co-Founder & CEO