Take control of your brand's look and feel across all of your marketing efforts.

Make sure your entire team understands your brand inside and out with your own brand book, laying out the guidelines for how your brand should be portrayed contextually across all channels and marketing efforts.

Your PDF Deliverables Include:

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    Logo + Rules

    We'll get you setup with a logo, both stacked and horizontal, and in color and black/white, with rules for where each should be used.
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    Color Palette

    We'll define your primary color palette as well as your brand's secondary colors and accent colors.
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    Typography Hierarchy

    We'll establish your brand's fonts and where they should be used.
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    Tone & Messaging Guidelines

    A consistent tone across all channels.

Our Brand Guidelines Process

A collaborative approach to the foundation for your brand

Get a Proposal
We'll take a look at your existing brand guidelines, if applicable, reviewing existing style elements and establishing a preliminary plan.
Step 1
Step 2
Logo Design
After reviewing your existing brand, we'll develop multiple new logo concepts in collaboration with your team, ultimately narrowing it down to one.
Messaging Workshop
We host a virtual messaging workshop with your team to determine what the brand messaging, style, and tone will be.
Step 3
Step 4
Final Review & Delivery
We'll walk you and your team through your new brand book, finalizing last edits before ultimately delivering the completed project!