A landing page that converts.

In today's day and age of fast digital consumption, the first page a person visits on your website may be their last.

We juggle design, creative assets, copy, UX, mobile usability, and site speed to create a landing page that will impress visitors, gain trust, and convert.

Whether you're a B2C or B2B business, we craft landing pages that act as a powerful communication tool to your visitors, conveying your brand's value prop and driving visitors to convert.

Partnering with Electriq for your landing page will:

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    Enhance Your User Experience

    We'll build a user experience that delights.
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    Increase Lead Capture & Purchases

    We'll turn your website into a lead machine, funneling visitors into your automated welcome series, while converting visitors who are ready to purchase immediately.
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    Tell Your Brand Story

    We distill your brand's story and ethos so that your website does the selling for you. We take your elevator pitch and make it digital.

Our Landing Page Process

A much needed health check on your website

Get a Proposal
We'll analyze your existing landing pages (if you have them) and bring best practices and our vast expertise from our other landing page builds to the table.
Step 1
Step 2
We'll collaborate with your team to layout the new aesthetic and structure of your landing page(s), ensuring the landing page ties in to the campaign you're trying to promote.
Design Mockups + Implementation
We'll sketch out your new site design and structure, checking in frequently with your team to ensure you're satisfied. Once approved, we dive into development to bring your new site to life.
Step 3
Step 4
Landing Page Launch & Optimization
We test your landing page across all device types and turn over for your review. After edits and approval, we go live! But, it doesn't end there. We'll establish your important KPI metrics to track as well as implement heatmap tracking to ensure your landing page is performing optimally.

Get your new campaign-specific landing page.

Get a Proposal

You'll receive:

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    Competitor Analysis

    We'll compile your industry competitors to glean what they're doing and how we can stand out from the crowd.
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    Strategy Analysis

    Is there a gap in your strategy? We've got you covered. Let's see how your strategy could be performing better.
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    Complete Mockup

    Full mockups of the landing page design before we move on to the development stage.
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    Landing Page Development

    Your new landing page ready for site visitors and to drive sales!