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Ayoba engaged with us for our 30-day managed SMS services free trial in partnership with Postscript. Ayoba was already capturing SMS leads and had a few automations setup, but wanted to find a better way to convert nonpurchasers and retain their subscription customers.

SMS Growth Strategy

Ayoba was worried about the frequency of SMS sends, especially to their subscription customers. We implemented extremely obvious SMS opt-in methods to make sure only those who wanted to opt-in opted in. We also focused the bulk of our efforts on automation & flows triggered by customer behavior and data points. Inherently, these automations and flows are timely and relevant for their recipients.


SMS Marketing Execution

Our SMS strategy & deliverables consisted of:

  1. Extensive SMS Marketing Strategy Deck laying out our high-level strategy & path to implementation.

  2. Lead Capture Opt-in Method Design & Implementation

  3. Klaviyo integration with Postscript

  4. SMS Automation & Flow Set-up

  5. Campaign Calendar, Creative & GIF design

  6. SMS List Segmentation & Maintenance

Audit & Implementation

We were able to uncover a few opportunities and optimizations for Ayoba, including the following:

  1. Differentiating SMS and email lead capture to encourage SMS opt-in
  2. Expanding welcome series to 3 texts with conditional logic instead of only 1 text
  3. Implementing A/B test on the abandoned cart flow
  4. Implementing additional flows such as recurring charge failed - update your billing, postpurchase welcome based on products ordered
  5. Implementation of ReChargeSMS - allowing subscription customers to manage their subscription entirely through text.

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