Why eBooks?

eBooks are the cornerstone of mid-funnel content in marketing strategies. They are extremely effective in moving your prospects from top-of-funnel to mid-funnel. We'll gate your eBook or White Paper content so you get more potential customers on your email list. And the best part is that if we create a relevant eBook, anyone who downloads your eBook is much more likely to be a qualified lead.

Our integrated SEO & Content approach will maximize the value of creating these very important features for your website! 

What We'll Handle

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    eBook Writing

    It starts with the actual copy. Our industry expert writer will work with your team to provide high-value content, not fluff, in your eBook.
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    eBook Design & Formatting

    We incorporate your brand's visual guidelines for a seamless experience between website and eBook. We'll include a cover design, table of contents, back cover design, and everything in between.
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    eBook Topic Ideation

    We'll brainstorm eBook topics with your team that will engage your target audience.