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The Breakdown

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    Pillar Page Types

    We'll determine whether a 10x content, resource, or product/service pillar page will produce maximum results for your brand.
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    Long-Tail Keywords

    Long-tail keywords to capture high-intent searchers.
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    Cluster Content

    Identify content cluster opportunities.
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    SEO Impact

    Increased organic search traffic to your website through non-branded search terms.

Our Pillar Page Creation Process

Topic clusters & content creation that establish your brand as an industry authority, drive new visitors to your site, and increase revenue

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Topic Ideation
We combine SEO research, competitor analysis, and an audit of your existing content to build out pillar page ideas that will drive organic search traffic to your site.
Step 1
Step 2
Pillar Page Type
We'll determine whether a 10x pillar page, resource pillar page, or product/service pillar page makes sense.
Pillar Page Design
We'll establish what the main goal of your pillar page is, and design the page to drive actions towards it.
Step 3
Step 4
Content Creation
We create all of our content in shared Google Docs, turning final drafts over to you for review and edits before publishing live.