Stately SMS Project

Stately was already contracted with Attentive's SMS marketing platform, so they took us up on our free-audit in addition to our 30-day managed SMS services free trial. Stately was in the very early stages of their SMS journey and knew that they weren't doing everything they could be.

Aggressive Growth Goals

Our audit for Stately left us with a lot of long-hanging fruit to implement during the 30-day free trial. Our strategy was to act on the highest ROI initiatives first and then move into the more nitty-gritty.


SMS Marketing

Our SMS marketing deliverables consisted of:

  1. SMS Marketing Audit
  2. SMS Marketing Lifecycle Strategy Deck
  3. Lead Capture Opt-in Method Design & Implementation
  4. ReCharge + Attentive Integration
  5. SMS Automation & Flow Set-up
  6. Campaign Calendar, Creative & GIF design
  7. SMS List Segmentation & Maintenance

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